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Moroccan Fossil Office Set


Moroccan Fossil Stationery Set

Moroccan Fossil Office Set


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Moroccan Fossil Office Set.   We see this sitting perfectly on the office desk.  Whether surrounded by paper or perfectly tidied!

The Moroccan Fossil Office Set consists a letter rack, desk-top storage box and heavy pair of bookends.  They are all made from matching Moroccan marble which is full of fossils!  Beautifully polished and a superb ice breaker to any office conversation.

The stone you see here is full of Orthoceras fossils which are 360 million years old.  They are  from the  Devonian period.  That’s when anything that was anything lived in the sea.  This fossilised marble is black with grey markings.  The box and bookends feature a ‘Goniotite’ fossil.  The Goniotite is an ancestor of Ammonites.  It is a winsome table top box in the Victorian tradition, just the place to keep those billets-doux!  Only joking, it will obviously hold your business cards.  Or hide the ciggies or sweets! A gift with a difference, which will add gravitas and distinction to any office desk.

Picture also available, see here.

Moroccan Fossil Office Set, shipping free on mainland UK and at cost overseas.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 12 cm