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Ancient Terracotta Bead Necklace


certification teracotta beads
certification teracotta beads

Ancient Terracotta Bead Necklace


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Ancient Terracotta Bead Necklace, with genuine and authentic beads from the Buni Culture, Central Java, Indonesia.

Our Ancient Terracotta Bead Necklace is about 1,500 years old .  Pretty young by our fossil standards, but stunningly ancient for a necklace.  Re-strung for modern wear, these tiny beads are each unique and gorgeously hand crafted.

Buni culture is a prehistoric clay pottery culture that flourished in coastal northern West Java, Jakarta and Banten around 400 BC to 100 AD and probably survived until 500 AD. The culture was named after its first discovered archaeological site, Buni village in Babelan, east of Jakarta.

Our Ancient Terracotta Bead Necklace comes in a giftbox with a label giving provenance.

Shipping is free to mainland UK and at cost overseas.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 23 cm

Avoid storing in direct sunlight as this would cause gradual fading.