Did TRex Eat Fruit?

Dinosaur Eating an Orange?

Possibly not!  Although check out this film of  Tony feeding Oranges to his outrarrrgeous pet at the Tucson Rock and Gem Show.   Taking place every February in Tucson Arizona,  is the world’s largest show of Fossils, Gems and Minerals with the advantage that Tucson is definitely warmer – and drier –  than your average British […]

Labradorite What & how does it glow?


Labradorite – did you know? Beautiful Labradorite is named after Labrador.  Where it was first found.  No, not by a golden coloured sniffer dog ha! Labradorite Optical Qualities: Labradorite is a  highly prized and much admired mineral.  What exactly is it and why does it do that amazing glowing thing?  Labradorite is sought after and […]

Who is Youngest to the South Pole?

Stop Press!!  South Pole!!  Amazing Lewis!! Well done on reaching the South Pole – incredible!!! History is likely to be in the making as 16 year old Lewis Clarke approaches the South Pole.  In severely challenging weather, round the clock daylight, deadly minus temperatures and on the back of 702 gruelling, life challenging miles.   […]